How to Make Homemade Window Cleaner from Ingredients You Have at Home

How to Make Homemade Window Cleaner from Ingredients You Have at Home?

Window cleaner can be expensive to buy, but homemade window cleaner is easy and cheap to make at home with ingredients you likely have in your pantry. In just a few simple steps, you can make a gallon of window cleaner that will streak-free clean your windows and mirrors. Here’s how to do it!

What you need:

1 gallon distilled or purified water (not mineral or tap water)

2 cups white vinegar (5% acidity)

½ cup rubbing alcohol (70%)

A few drops of liquid dishwashing soap (without moisturizers, softeners, or fragrance added)

Homemade Window Cleaner
Homemade Window Cleaner

An empty clean 1-gallon jug with the cap or an empty 2-liter plastic soda bottle with a cap. If using a one-gallon jug, you will need to cut the recipe in half. Do not use milk jugs as they are too thin and will be difficult to squeeze out the cleaner. You can also use a funnel to pour the liquid into your plastic container after mixing if this makes it easier for you.  Glass spray bottles can also be used to store your homemade window cleaner.

  1. Pour the water into the empty container and add in the vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and liquid dish soap. If you are only making a small amount (½ gallon or less), then you can use measuring spoons instead of cups for this step. 
  2. Tightly screw on the cap and shake until thoroughly mixed. Label and date your mixture if desired and store it somewhere cool and dark where it won’t be exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. The shelf life is about 1 year but it is best to make small quantities as needed since vinegar becomes stronger over time which could affect how well it cleans windows.
  3. To use Wet the windows or mirrors with clean water. Shake your container well, then pour some of the cleaners into a separate container for dipping your squeegee in. Don’t wet your squeegee in the same container you are storing your window cleaner in because it will get diluted and won’t work as well.