Holiday Lighting

Are you tired of dealing with tangled holiday lights and wires that don’t work half the time? Do you put off climbing scary ladders or worry about roof-top close calls?

These problems and more can deter individuals from decorating their homes for the holidays. You can trust our commercial and residential holiday lighting and decor pros to turn your property into a holiday wonderland this winter season!

Holiday Light Installation in Palm Beach County

Families and businesses can rely on our holiday lighting installation services. We serve the following areas:

When you hire a professional for your holiday light setup, you offload all the stress and worry so you can do what you need to do with the time you would otherwise be investing in setting up decorations and lighting.

Why Hire a Professional


Hiring a professional holiday lighting service will make certain the job gets completed without the headache of researching the project beforehand.

Stay out of the hospital

Avoid the potential risks that go along with working at heights. We are incredibly experienced with ladder work, scissor lifts, and accessing anywhere that we must go. Working at heights is incredibly dangerous, with very real risks of life-changing injuries.

When you hire Glass Act Window Cleaning to take on this kind of work, prevent the hospital emergency room stay. Hire the Pros and make your property look festive for the holiday season.

Why Choose Us?

Our service experts are trained, experienced, and knowledgeable lighting and decor installers who perform the installation and removal of holiday lighting on your home or commercial property. We can handle any size commercial or residential holiday lights installation – including aerial lift work – in Palm Beach County, FL and the surrounding areas.

Quality Products & Service

Commercial Holiday Lighting Service

A certified pro is the best way for businesses to get their businesses festive and ready for the holidays. Not only will good Christmas lighting companies provide the installation service but also ongoing maintenance. It’s possible for lights to fail from time to time due to adverse weather conditions, for instance. Having commercial holiday lighting installers who you can rely on to install them correctly and call to come and repair the issue can keep your business looking great.

Holiday Lights FAQs

Our experts create the design for your lighting, install them, provide maintenance for them, and then remove them once the season ends.

While we are able to take your special requests into account with the design, we only install our own holiday lights.

Each installation project is different due to the differences in property shapes and sizes. Every design we come up with is unique, and all our estimates are provided for free.

The sooner you call us, the quicker we can get the estimate to you. It can take up to a week for a detailed answer.

We accept numerous options, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. The payment will be made up-front at installation.

We are able to start installing lights early on but will turn them on at the time you choose. While we can install lights a few days before Christmas, understand that it will be incredibly busy, so always plan in advance for our services.

It takes around a day or two at most for our team to install lights.

We will start removing Christmas lights in January.

No, we store all of our materials offsite to make certain materials are always in the best condition possible.

Get started on your holiday lighting project this season. Call us today for more information or to begin scheduling your holiday lighting.