Commercial Window Cleaners

Why Commercial Window Cleaners are Important

Many businesses and homeowners use professional service to clean their windows. While there are many DIY methods of window cleaning, using a professional service can often provide better results. Commercial window cleaners typically use a variety of tools and techniques to clean windows quickly and efficiently.

There are three common types of commercial window cleaning: pressure washing, water-fed pole systems (WPS), or ladders with buckets. Each technique has its own benefits, but they can all be used for exterior or interior walls as well as glass surfaces; however, the type chosen will depend on the needs for each particular project.

For example, if you’re looking for something quick like exterior house windows with no etchings then WPS may be a good choice, but if you want exterior building windows to be cleaned with all the etchings and they’re high up then pressure washing would most likely be your best option.  Commercial window cleaning can make a big difference in how amazing your place looks from the outside as well as the inside.

Commercial Window Cleaners
Commercial Window Cleaning

Why use professional commercial window cleaners?

Professional commercial window cleaners have access to a variety of tools and techniques conventional homeowners simply don’t have. This allows for a better clean that is more thorough and efficient.

For exterior house windows, you can use WPS or ladder/bucket systems, which will require ladders and buckets to go from floor-to-floor.  Pressure washing is typically only used on exterior buildings, like office buildings or homes with etchings.

There are also interior window cleaning methods that can be used based on the type of glass you have. If your commercial doors have leaded panes then you’ll need to use WPS systems, but if they don’t have leaded panes then you can use the same methods as exterior cleaning.

Window cleaners also have tools to easily reach tall windows. This includes using a 9-foot stepladder for tall windows and/or using a WPS system from the ground to clean tall exterior building windows. If you’re washing your own tall windows you may have to use a scaffold or rent an aerial lift which can be expensive and impractical.

When it comes to overall cost, hiring commercial window cleaners is typically less expensive than renting equipment (including ladders) and doing the job yourself. All together professional services will be more efficient with your time, resulting in spending less money. Your time is valuable so don’t waste it doing something you can easily pay someone else to do.

Hiring a Professional for Commercial Window Cleaning
Hiring a Professional for Commercial Window Cleaning

You also need to consider that commercial window cleaners are highly skilled professionals, which means they have the knowledge and experience necessary to work efficiently. They know the best ways to clean different surfaces, including glass with etchings or certain types of panes. Some cleaners are even experts at removing “hard water” or mineral stains from glass.

Commercial window cleaning services have the training to handle large projects, but small commercial jobs can also be time consuming for experts — especially if they aren’t very familiar with the building. For example, buildings older than 25 years typically have etched glass which requires very specific attention, but if they are inexperienced with older buildings then it could take them a lot more time to complete the job and charge you accordingly.

When it comes down to commercial window cleaning services vs DIY, hiring pros is really the way to go. They know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently without having to rent or buy equipment. You also don’t have to spend your valuable time doing it yourself, but you can still take advantage of a newly cleaned space.

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